Each year, in February, there is a show we always do called the "GARAGE SALE ART FAIR". The show is in Kalamazoo, MI,
and is run by two of our favorite artists, Bonnie and Michael. They realized, several years ago, that as artists evolve, their images change. The pieces we produced a few years ago do not work with the body of work that we are exhibiting today. The images are still viable pieces of art, but for various reasons, they shouldn't be shown together. They started this venue for all of us that harbor pieces we love but cannot show in our booths. They decided a few weeks ago to contact the artists and cancel the venue. This will be the third year of the show that had to be canceled because of the Covid spike in Michigan.
We decided, then, to have our own GARAGE SALE on our website. It will be running for the above dates, and we will follow their guidelines.
The paintings will be shown on the  GARAGE SALE pages. Each painting will be sold unframed, with the size and prices shown below each piece. If framing is necessary to your purchase, there will be a charge of $150 added to the price. These paintings will not be subject to the percentage sales on our regular site pages. The pieces have free shipping and will have much lower prices than our new work.
The only thing missing is the camaraderie with our artist friends and the food and drink that we share.  We are all missing this wonderful show.  
image size 8x48                               "Long Road Back"                                                              $900
image size 8x48                                       "Solitary"                                                                      $800
image size 8x48                                       "Brookside"                                                                $1100
image size 8x48                                     "Bluebonnets"                                                               $800
image size 8x48                             "Shades of the Earth"                                                       $800
original price $4,200

original price $3,800

original price $4,200

original price $3,600

original price $3,600

original price $3,600

original price  $1,550

original price $1,500
image size 8x48                                  "Blue House"                                                                 $800
image size 4x48                              "Late in the Day"                                                              $500
 image size 4x48                            "Alone at Last"                                                              $500